At The McGraw Council, we like to say “we’re bullish on the American Dream” because we still believe in it and that it is alive. If left unnurtured, however, it will undoubtedly die. Just as it is important to oppose the threats to the American Dream, it is equally important to highlight the successes as well, and today is one such day to do so! One recent survey concluded found that 74% of its participants believed they had either achieved the American Dream or were well on their way to doing so (Bedard, 2020). Despite all of the negativity, despite all of the shutdowns, despite all of the excessive regulations, the American Dream lives on!

The study did not stop there though, and it actually gets quite interesting. This study also broke down key elements of the American Dream and what percentage of the respondents believed each component to be essential; they are as follows:

  • 82% – Freedom of choice in how to live
  • 81% – Have a good family life
  • 71% – Retire comfortably
  • 49% – Own a home
  • 45% – Have a successful career
  • 38% – Make valuable contributions to community
  • 13% – become wealthy

(Bedard, 2020)

Moreover, merely 15% of the study’s respondents believe there are fewer opportunities for today’s generation in comparison to their parents’ generation while 52% believe they have more opportunity than their parents (Bedard, 2020). Interestingly, the largest variation came with age, as those aged 18-29 generally believed that opportunities are about the same as their parents while those above 45 generally believe they have more opportunities than their parents (Bedard, 2020).

Although the American Dream is certainly associated with wealth and prosperity, the American Dream was never about wealth solely; while wealth can certainly be a wonderful blessing and quite desirable, the American Dream is about so much more: it is about having the freedom to achieving one’s life goals. The authors of the study also agree as they conclude that “…for most Americans, the Dream is much more than a strictly material endeavor” (Bedard, 2020). This is why the American Dream is so important to preserve; it’s a way of life. It’s achieving dreams. It’s pursuing and fulfilling one’s purpose freely. Yet through these efforts, we find that this greatly helps the whole of society grow and prosper as well!

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John M. Beaman
President of The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.




Bedard, P. (2020). American dream: 74% reach it or are on their way, black people top for ‘better opportunities.’ Washington Examiner. Retrieved from