Another night of unrest in our nation resulted in more businesses being ransacked and looted, this time in Philadelphia (Bernstein, 2020). It is time for this chaos to end; the small business community cannot sustain prolonged chaos like this. In combination with the hefty restrictions placed on small businesses nationwide, it is simply too much to ask small businesses to bear these burdens continually. With that being said, we are thrilled that the National Guard has been called out to restore law and order in Philadelphia (Bernstein, 2020) as maintaining the peace is essential to a healthy economy and a healthy society. This is the type of response small businesses need in order to continue operating; undoubtedly, if small businesses cannot operate safely, they will cease to operate at all.

Wherever you are today, be it in California, New York, Florida, Texas, or perhaps even North Dakota, please remember to support the small businesses in your community today. At The McGraw Council, we are still participating in the #unitesmallbizchallenge and are doing everything we can to support the small business community. Small businesses have always been there for us when we need them, and it is now our turn to be there for them when they need us.

John M Beaman
President of The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.



Bernstein, B. (2020). Hundreds of looters ransack Philadelphia businesses in second night of unrest. National Review. Retrieved from