Frequently Asked Questions

What is The American Dream?

We believe the American Dream is an universal idea. Yes, it began in the United States, but it is truly a universal dream of all people to live the best life they can, free from others telling them what to do, and when to do it. Fundamentally, the American Dream has been about people having the opportunity to create a better life for themselves through hard work, innovation and faith.

How do sponsoring members help regular members?

Our sponsoring members sponsor a regular member. We provide a wide range of free tools to regular members, and the support of the sponsoring members helps us achieve this.

Additionally, our sponsoring members support our work in media, our content delivery, social marketing and other work including our planned feature film about the American Dream.

Are you political?

We do not engage in political and social editorial commentary. We do take positions on policy affecting our small business members.

Why is The Mcgraw Council a Non-Profit?

The McGraw Council Membership, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit because we have set out with a mission and goal to help educate and assist the small business community. With that said we want to be focused on who we are helping over the dollar signs.

Are my membership dues tax deductible?

Yes, all expenditures made to The McGraw Council are tax deductible.