Unite with small business owners




    1. Nationwide, small business community
    2. Private Facebook group for our community
    3. Education and member only content
    4. Custom pro-formas donated for FREE
    5. Business consulting ($100 hourly donated for FREE)
    6. JobFit Assessment ($400 value donated for FREE)
    7. Payment process consultation ($100 value donated for FREE) and equipment coupons
    8. Business strategy coaching session ($2,000 donated for FREE)
    9. Various eBooks donated for FREE
    10. Business owner interviews
    11. Recorded seminars
    12. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 




All Gold benefits plus . . .

    1. Financial health check ($999.99 value donated for FREE)
    2. 2% rebate on alt. financing (up to $2,000.00)
    3. Facebook Live welcome video
    4. Live, virtual reality events
    5. Live seminars
    6. Live networking
McGraw Virtual Training, seminars & Education

“If you are a small business owner OR support small businesses/local business in your community then there is no way you cannot support this amazing group. Professional and Dependable individuals that actually care and are creating a voice for businesses across the country.”

Gerald H.

“The McGraw Council is the NFP-organization for small business advocacy, education, and service.”

Noah O

“Good communication interface, Virbela. If you’re looking to have a space to reach out to new business opportunities at long distances, this is a cool path to check out.”

Jordan J.

“What a great concept and resource for business owners. As a coach, I see first hand how ffew resources there are readily available and how vast the learnging gap is between thriving and not . . . The virtual environment is a really powerful tool”

Brad C.

“Everyone I’ve met through the group has been such a blessing and had a timely message that I needed to hear. Everyone seems to have a heart to help others. I’m so grateful to those who freely share their knowledge and insights with those of us who are just learning how to build the business of our dreams.”

Russ P.