A few common concerns that small business owners across the country share, albeit more so in certain areas, include the concern that another shutdown is coming or that limited capacity will continue, especially as areas like Jefferson County in Missouri see COVID-19 cases increase significantly (Merrilees, 2020). Yes, we should all absolutely be careful, but being careful and operating one’s business are not two mutually exclusive and contradictory ideas. As a matter of fact, safely operating a business and being safe is quite achievable and has been done throughout the United States, especially on a voluntary basis. Small business owners have been asked to bear the brunt of this economic burden for too long – they have been pushed to the brink of closure and, sadly, tens of thousands of businesses have been pushed beyond this point as we noted in a previous blog (read more here). We cannot sustain this path and we must support small businesses nationwide by opening and keeping open the economy.

Please share this message on your Facebook page and tell the world you stand with small business owners nationwide. Yes, we must be safe during this pandemic, but we can operate our businesses safely at the same time and we must do so if our economy is to survive and thrive. There is more at stake than mere bottom line numbers – livelihoods, dreams, people, families, homes, and our economy, as a whole, are all at risk if our economy does not open fully and stay open. Please share this link to your Facebook page and/or your email connections as we stand with small businesses not only in our respective local communities but also across the United States. Together we are many, and together we are strong.

John M Beaman
President of The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.



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