We are very excited to announce a partnership between The McGraw Council and the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce! The Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce is outside of Dallas, Texas and they are true advocates for small businesses! We had a chance to meet and build a relationship with them and as we built that relationship, we realized how much we had in common, from values, to our visions, to our efforts to serve, so on and so forth. 

One of the reasons why we are so excited for this partnership is because members of the Melissa Area Chamber can now access our membership materials at no cost whatsoever while also having an opportunity to partake in special member-only benefits! Over the next month, members of the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce will receive login information and member-only benefits! Additionally, it increases our reach at The McGraw Council so we can continue to achieve our vision of supporting small businesses nationwide! Because of this partnership, we are surpassing the 1,000 number of small businesses we have been able to support and are quickly approaching 1,500! 

We also want to thank you for supporting us in these endeavors – our vision cannot become reality without the engagement of small business owners and advocates like you, so thank you for supporting our efforts! We look forward to serving the small business community nationwide and we are excited to be helping more small businesses! 


John Beaman
President, The McGraw Council Membership, Inc. 

Bill Jones
Executive Director, Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce