After everything small businesses have suffered this year, after everything they have been forced to endure, New York is imposing more restrictions, this time to the tune of curfews but it does not end there… it even extends to people congregating within a building (Higgins-Dunn, 2020). What started as 15 days to flatten the curve has turned into 8 months of endure the impossible burden – at what point will enough be enough? Small businesses cannot sustain this level of restriction; it is simply not a reasonable demand.

Yes, we want operating our businesses to be safe, we want to protect our employees, we want to protect our customers, we want to protect everyone with whom we come into contact. With that being said, being safe and operating businesses are not mutually exclusive concepts – we have done it before and we must do it again. Small businesses have been pushed to and beyond the brink and it must stop now. If we continue down this path, more small businesses will close and that negatively impacts the entire economy.

When a small business goes under, it’s not just one person losing a job; it’s a family losing their livelihood… it’s employees losing their jobs… it’s service providers losing a customer… it’s cities losing sales tax… it’s fewer options for the consumer… the list goes on and on. When a small business goes under, especially due to a situation like COVID, it adversely affects the whole. The only way we survive as a whole, and especially as small businesses, is by uniting and standing together – we can operate our businesses safely, as we have proven and will continue to prove, but shutting us down is bad for real people and it’s bad for all of us.

John M. Beaman
President of The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.



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