In this episode of Real Small Business, Leah Hoppes of Vision Force Marketing joins us to share her life story of business – why she got into small business, the highs and lows, what she does specifically, as well as her tips for small business owners which you can find below! Remember to like, comment, and share as we all unite to help small business owners achieve their American Dream! Watch the full podcast here and Join us today at!

Setup Your Google Profile

Make sure to setup your google page as it helps your customers find you – more specifically, it increases your reach and visibility. This is particularly important if you are a local business but can be very useful for wider regions as well.

Audit Your Website

Make sure that your website is properly linked, updated, and secured – you can do some of this on your own, but you may find it beneficial to consult with your web builder. Your web builder know exactly what you mean when you say you would like to audit your website but definitely follow up on this as it will help you become more visible to your customers.

Setup Analytics Pages

Be sure to setup Google and Bing analytics for your website as this will tell you very valuable information such as which pages are viewed most, how long the average use is, where the traffic is coming from, and much, much more. This, in turn, will help you identify where business comes from as well as what you can do to improve and grow your business.

Ensure All Information Matches

Ensure that all information matches across all of your public information; if your address says “St.” rather than “Street”, make sure it is the same across all of your platforms. Even small differences like this can disrupt the major algorithms and reduce your visibility, so ensuring that all information matches is not merely dotting i’s and crossing t’s but rather ensuring you are as visible as possible.