As small business owners, the vast majority of us love to interact with people – it energizes us and gives us a direct way to connect with the people we serve and the people on our teams. Even though this is a very fun benefit, we must acknowledge technological advances and strive to leverage them to enable our businesses to grow and improve. One specific example of this is automation, especially in the sales process.

A Harvard Business Review article discusses sales automation and the benefits it brings, some of which include improved margins, reduced manual labor, reduced costs, improved efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction (Chung, Huber, Kayacan, Landauer, & Sunku, 2021). When discussing automation, a small business owner will often rely on human interaction or what we all call “word of mouth” to expand and grow and perhaps even mention how the human touch is what makes their business work. Yes, the human touch will always be present, particularly if your business model relies on that, but this does not mean we can ignore automation where it is applicable in our businesses. On the contrary, we should embrace it.

As small business owners, we cannot afford to ignore opportunities to improve and automation presents one such improvement. There are many ways we can incorporate automation into each of our respective businesses; we simply need to take the time to consider where and how to do so. Use technology and automation to your advantage – it is not getting worse or going away, so embrace it and use it to benefit your business and serve your customers even better.

Remember, we exist to help and support you in your business ownership journey. If you do not know where to begin with automation and leveraging technology in your business, simply click here to learn more about how we can help you accomplish that. We are here to serve you in your small business journey!

John M. Beaman
President, The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.


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