We strongly condemn the rioting taking place across the country, this time in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, where small businesses have been forced to take extra precautions, such as boarding up their glass windows and doors, to minimize potential losses from violent riots (Anderson, 2020). It is imperative that the small businesses in and around Wauwatosa know we stand with them, especially considering that small businesses have again been damaged and even residential homes have been assaulted and attacked (The Spectator, 2020). Not only must this be remedied, but it must be prevented – this absolutely must stop and it must stop now. We call on leadership, whether it be elected, social, appointed, hired, or something else altogether, to join us as we all unite and rise to prevent these harassments and damages and to stand up for the small business community, the backbone of the American economy.

Small business owners deal with issues that arise every day that are what we, as small business owners, call the norm. Then there are uncontrollable variables, such as natural disasters and COVID. Unfortunately, we are seeing a new threat to small business owners: riots. This is simply intolerable and unacceptable – this must be stopped as well as the other continuous attacks on small businesses in the forms of excessive regulation, excessive pass-through liability, and so forth. We pay our taxes and uphold our end of the social agreement, and it is simply right to ensure that small business receive the protection for which we are paying in the form of taxes. We, as a small business community, are the backbone of the American economy, and we must protect this demographic of businesses if we are to thrive as a whole nation and economy. 

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John M. Beaman
President of The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.



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