Dreams are dying and small businesses are literally burning to the ground in the midst of anarchy and chaos – how many more dreams must die and many more businesses must burn before the destruction ends?

Small businesses support the economy through various ways, including but not limited to, employing individuals, paying payroll taxes, paying sales taxes, paying income taxes, paying permit fees, paying property taxes, and paying various other costs to participate in our societal agreement: liberty and justice for all.

What we are witnessing is not liberty, this is not justice. Small business owners are being unlawfully deprived of their livelihood, their dreams, and their property and too little is being done in places such as Portland, OR and Kenosha, WI.

As a nonprofit existing to support small businesses and preserve the American Dream, we ask this: how many more lives must be ruined before the basic constructs of society are restored and small business owners can safely operate again? How many more dreams must die before we can safely run our businesses without fear of having them burned to the ground? This anarchy, this chaos, this injustice must end.

Small business owners pay significant costs to pursue their dreams and it is wrong that they are literally left behind in the burning rubble. We ask everyone to join us in standing with and supporting the small business community nationwide.