Because of your contributions, The McGraw Council has provided resources to over 200 small businesses in merely a few months! Because of you this is more than possible… it is reality! We have donated resources to small business owners across the country and we truly educating, uniting, and advocating for the small business community! We are helping the small business community when it needs it most!

I have been asked many times, what exactly are you all doing at The McGraw Council, what exactly is a resource, and how are you helping small business owners? A resource can be many different things, but some of the specific resources include free business classes, donated eBooks from thought leaders, free seminars on business topics, donated business coaching sessions, donated business consulting hours, donated financial health checks, and much more! In a nutshell, we help small businesses identify their pain points and connect solutions to their problems – and the best part, many times it costs them absolutely nothing! We have many experts across the country helping us with these resources as well as solutions and we have already seen how this helps small businesses! We have a very big vision and while we thrilled with our early results, we are only just beginning!

Many people have contributed to this cause to make it a reality and we would not succeed without them. Some of our most vocal supporters include Sean and Leah in Illinois, Chad in California, Russ in Texas, Roy in Missouri, Jerry in North Carolina, Ernest in Illinois, Brad in Texas, and many others! Thank you for supporting the small business community! Each donation of time, knowledge, and finances helps us equip small business owners in dire situations with the tools they need to survive, and I would like to personally thank each member of The McGraw Council for supporting our vision!

May I please ask for your support on this project? If you have not yet joined us, please become a member here – each monthly membership helps us engage with small businesses and helps us provide them the resources they need! Thank you again for supporting The McGraw Council and remember, we’re bullish on the American Dream, and we’re bullish on your future!

John M. Beaman
President of The McGraw Council Membership