The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic that many fear is starting to show throughout the world, particularly in the UK where the government has provided new lockdown strategies in an effort to reduce or prevent the spread of the virus (Mahmood, 2020). As others note, the impacts of this concern have already impacted the markets throughout Europe by causing decreases of over 3% (CNN, 2020). Sadly, there appears to be strong evidence that cases have already begun to increase in the United States as well, with certain geographic regions seeing increases exceeding 10% (Scribner, 2020).

Although COVID-19 may return for a second wave and although it may change certain things about all of our respective lifestyles, we cannot and must not let this pandemic rob us of the American Dream. It is possible to be safe and to conduct businesses, and we call on each and every American to stand by small businesses during this time as it not only fuels their American Dream, but it keeps our American Dream alive as well. We are all in this together and we will overcome by uniting together as one. Let us unite and support small businesses throughout the United States and help each other keep our dreams alive. We cannot do this alone but we do not have to go through this alone either; we can unite and continue to preserve the American Dream, our American Dream, and stand firmly with one another.

One of the ways we are helping to raise awareness for small and micro businesses is the #unitesmallbizchallenge! Help us unite small businesses in all 50 states by joining The McGraw Council as either a Gold or Platinum member here and tag two of your friends to join and buy local today! By purchasing something from a small business in your area, you are keeping their dream alive and fueling the American Dream! Together, as one nationwide community, we will unite small businesses across the country to a level that has never been seen before! By the way, you are hereby challenged! Buy local today, tag two of your friends as well as the business you bought from and The McGraw Council, and join our nationwide community today! Check out our Facebook page to see what it looks like! Thank you for supporting small businesses nationwide! 

John M Beaman

President of The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.



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