We would like to welcome and thank Sprout Funding (www.getsproutfunding.com) for partnering with us in our efforts to help small business owners grow and thrive!  Sprout Funding, a fast-growing fintech lender headquartered in Las Colinas/Irving, Texas, provides hassle-free, short-term funding to small businesses across the country that have a history of strong cash flow, $10k+ in monthly sales, and more than one (1) year of operating history. Sprout Funding has an amazingly high acceptance rate with a quick and simple online application. Unlike traditional lenders such as banks, Sprout can fund a business in as soon as a business day with much less paperwork and requires no collateral. Once funded, the working capital can be used at the discretion of the borrower- with complete control. This might include location expansion, improving space, marketing, managing debt, acquiring new equipment, opening a new location, buying out a partner and more! Sprout provides the borrower with options too, that ensure the funding is working for the business’ long-term success- not against it.   

Part of the reason we are so excited to partner with Sprout Funding is that they share our values for business and they are very talented at what they do. They understand small business and what issues are important to small business owners because most of their team is comprised of small business owners! Sprout Funding gets it – they understand what causes small businesses to fail and what causes small businesses to succeed. They understand the life of the entrepreneur and what it takes to succeed which makes them a wonderful partner. They have the background of small business ownership, they understand the small business owner, and they serve the small business owner – a true small business partner!     

At The McGraw Council, we partner with businesses that help small business owners succeed and thrive in our modern and continually changing economy. We have had the opportunity to observe Sprout Funding’s systems and procedures in various roles and we have been continually impressed, which is part of the reason why we are so excited to partner with them. They say the right thing, they do the right thing, and they provide a desperately needed service. Please help us welcome Sprout Funding as a sponsor and visit their website at www.getsproutfunding.com! Sprout Funding will be joining us on our podcast in the coming weeks and will personally provide the story of their business! In the meantime, if you have any questions about their funding mechanisms, you can reach them at  hello@getsproutfunding.com or 866-962-4922

John M. Beaman
President, The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.