We are thrilled to announce and welcome our newest Champion Sponsor, Turtle Creek Financial Group! Turtle Creek Financial Group is an independent firm providing financial strategies as well as wealth management and they have a very unique approach to managing money, particularly for small business owners. Bruce E. Fain Jr. has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector and between his background as well as the unique approach of Turtle Creek Financial Group, together they provide very robust solutions and services.

One of the many reasons we are so excited to partner with Turtle Creek Financial Group as a sponsor is largely due to their value system, the way they do business, and what they bring to the small business community. Understanding the small business owner’s situation is imperative if their problems are to be solved and Turtle Creek Financial Group has exceptional financial strategies for small business owners. Turtle Creek Financial Group understands small business and they have financial strategies that help small business owners achieve their dreams.

Moreover, Turtle Creek Financial Group does business the way we like to do business: with relationships. They exist to help individuals and businesses make their dreams become reality and they do so in a very professional manner, which we absolutely love. They continually provide valuable insights and education and they are always willing to assist whenever possible. They do their work with honor and integrity and they do it well.

Speaking of education, Bruce E. Fain Jr. will be presenting a six-part seminar series on what small business owners can do to better retain key employees, manage their professional assets, and also manage the balance between personal and professional assets as these often blend together for small business owners. Anyone can reach Bruce at 214-986-0570 or at fain@turtlecreekfinancial.com – we are so excited for our partnership with them and cannot to share their wisdom with you! Be sure to watch our upcoming events featuring Bruce in the upcoming weeks!

John Beaman
President, The McGraw Council Membership, Inc.